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How is that for a pile of 8bit Atari carts? I have 48 of them at the time of this pic. :) Yes there are two mountain kings and face maker and alf in the color caves are not there because they have no labels. I have some missing cases so here is what is inside them.

Colorful huh? The middle one is centipede and the ROMs are socketed. And here is my favorite cart.

This is a dark red almost see through plastic. It's also one of my favorite games. Classic berzerk type maze game. I emailed the original author to ask about linking to her current website and here it is! MegansBrain.com And before you ask yes I know the original author was William Matega. Now known as Cathryn Matega.

Atari put out there games in these 8 1/2 x 11 inch boxes. The instructions were also the same size. I wonder how many people still have these boxes :)

invaders.jpg (24686 bytes)

missile.jpg (20527 bytes)

raiders.jpg (21657 bytes)

As of 02/2002 I have 60 some carts. Managed to pick up an Atari 800 that had 20 carts in it also.

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