smurfette2.jpg (24479 bytes)It's amazing how one little glitch could be interpreted as naked :) Who knows, maybe it was a strange programmer that did the sprite graphics in such a way that caused this. I first bought this game in 1983 because I had kids and because it was groundbreaking graphic wise. But it never occurred to me to walk away from Smurfette once I had gotten there so I never noticed.

The original cartridge and Coleco both do the same thing. If you walk off this screen to the left. It appears a few of the sprites that are used to draw Smurfette get removed before the screen switches. So in an instant, it could be described as I mentioned on the previous page :)

Smurfette closes her eyes, drops her top and hikes her skirt up for you. Smurfy Baby ! WOoOoooOo ..

I couldn't resist animating this for a comparison....

Please do not use this without permission. And you know remote linking isn't a good idea either. You never know when someone is going to change an image on you :)  Feel free to link to this naked Smurfette page though.

Better yet, Click HERE to send someone you know a picture of Naked Smurfette

It has come to my attention that there are links to this page from sources of a rather mature nature. If you came from one you will probably not find the rest of this site as exciting :) Then again what did I expect calling this a naked Smurfette page ..


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